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Achieve businesses goal through digital transformation , Technology, AI & analytics.

About Us

We, at Retrotech Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, headquartered in Gurgaon, India is a premier business process management company offering digital transformation & process optimization services to Global clients. We are team of expert business professionals working as additional support units to help manage the complex businesses. Our services expertise domain ranges across various industries.

Our 5 Services offerings are as follows –

  • Sales & Business Development support
  • Digital Transformation & Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Process & Data Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition, Retention & Relationship management
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About Us
About Us
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We offer wide range of sales & business support strategies to execute client’s business goal. Our unique offering collectively uplifts the business impact through qualitative & quantitative lead generation, converting leads in sales & overall channelizing the business operations. Marketing and Sales support in developing and expanding the markets for your products and services. Sales Representation. Negotiating and structuring the transaction. Channeling as sales operations

The current professional services industry is today is disrupted by digitalization and arising niche players in the market. Large professional services firm are consolidating by building a perfect match between strategy and management consultancy. We have instrumental in creating & transforming complete digital identity.


Operations is the major driver-able for any business and it is core progression for business to be succeed. Operations consulting as a strategy to operations management, is defined as advisory and/or implementation services that improve a company's internal operations and performance in the value chain. The market for operations consulting and management services consists of eight disciplines: Organizational Operations, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Sourcing & Procurement, Finance, Business Process Management, Research & Development and Outsourcing. We work as an integral unit for business support system & can be associated as purely operational consulting firms (which focuses exclusively on operations or one of the functional areas as per client’s demand) and other is operations practices of multi-service firms (a generalized service consulting firm that provides operations offerings).

Process & Data Analytics

Data & Process is the key of any business operations. To scale up & mitigating the operational /performance gap the best possible way is data analytics. We are fully equipped with Business process analysis (BPA) is a technique to analyze the performance metrics of different operations within a business to improve multiple process efficiency. It's a specialized method within the broader context of business process management to analyze whether current processes are meeting their goals. Business process analytics enables organizations to gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into complex business processes. Once organizations have this visibility they can understand bottlenecks, throughput and performance of these processes and take actions to optimize the business process.

  • Understand the impact of process friction
  • Identify the root cause of process friction
  • Reduce manual effort through automation
  • Compare process performance across departments

Any business & business plan’s success lies around customer database & customer engagement strategy. Starting from lead generation, lead engagement, customer acquisition, engaged customer retention & Customer relationship management Retrotech has broader methodogies to ease you We are fully equipped with team, technology, infrastructure to generate, acquire, retain, engage multilevel customers. We invest significantly to strengthening in terms technology & analytics

    Key services areas :-

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Customer engagement/ Retention
  • Customer support management
  • Customer relationship management
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Retrotech business solutions pvt ltd offering consulting & business process management services to charter a path of transition to next level through commitment & expertise.

Industry Focused, Experienced Team

Result-oriented & Deadline driven

A Relationship that is beyond consulting

Sustainable & scalable solution

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